November 1, 1919: Halloween pranks prompt run on soap

On this day in Duluth in 1919, stores reported record sales of soap following Halloween hijinks the night before. The News Tribune report is so entertaining, here’s the whole piece:

Halloween Hit Soap Dish Hard, Grocer ‘Allows’”

Was the soap dish empty yesterday morning? And had your shaving stick disappeared? And was your mother wondering where her laundry soap had gone? And did you rant and rave, or did you smile knowingly and say, “‘Ha-Halloween!’ and straightaway purchase another supply? That’s what most of you did, for according to Frank A. Rich, president of the recently organized Corner Grocer’s Association, never in the history of corner groceries was the demand for the suds maker so heavy as yesterday. This is what he said about it: ‘…I find that the soap spread over plate glass by the youngsters last night would: Wash the hands of every Duluth boy once a day for the next seven years; or launder one white collar a week for every Duluth man for a period of 61 months; or shave a heavy bearded man for the same period; or do every family washing in the city for 109 weeks; and would suffice for one bath and shave for almost every member of the Russian armies.’