November 8, 1950: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Trigger perform at the Duluth Armory

On this day in Duluth in 1950, Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Rogers’ horse Trigger performed at the Duluth Armory along with a troupe of “Vaudeville performers from Hollywood.” According to the Duluth News Tribune, Trigger stole the show. “The famous horse danced, smiled, and counted his way into the hearts of thousands of Duluthians at matinees and evening performances.” The newspaper also noted that Rogers was on stage for most of the performance, which was “unusual for a star.” The appearance was part of a tour of one-night stands across the country, a first for Rogers and Evans. The tour lasted just a month before they returned to Hollywood to shoot another movie. Several children in the audience expressed concern over the absence of Rogers’ dog, Bullet. “Rogers hesitated to say what had happened to his dog, being worried about dampening the spirits of the youngsters who came to see him,” the newspaper explained. Apparently Bullet had been injured before the tour and had stayed behind to recover. Two young Duluthians won a letter-writing contest sponsored by Sears. Nine-year-old Randall Johnson and Maureen Glamen, 10, each received a cowboy or cowgirl outfit from their cowboy hero. Before he came to town, Rogers had called the newspaper to ask about the weather. The editor told him to “Pack your woolens but leave your snow shoes home.”

Dale Evans and Roy Rogers with Trigger. (Image: Public Domain)