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Twin Ports trains

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Twin Ports Trains

The Historic railroads of Duluth & Superior, 1870–1970

by Tony Dierckins & Jeff Lemke

From 1870, the first time the whistle of a Lake Superior & Mississippi Railroad locomotive announced its arrival along St. Louis Bay, to the demise of passenger service in 1970 and fifty years beyond through the mergers that created today’s giants, Twin Ports Trains tells the stories of Duluth, Minnesota’s and Superior, Wisconsin’s historic railroads: how they helped develop both cities, worked hand in glove with the industries that drove the local economy, served the public’s transportation needs, and literally reshaped the lower St. Louis River.

Hardcover  |  224 Pages  |  280+ Illustrations  |  10 x 8 inches

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about the authors

Jeff Lemke spent thirteen years working in the railroad industry, ending his career in 2017 as a BNSF Railway conductor and locomotive servicing engineer, as well as fifty years steeped in Duluth-Superior railroad history, researching, lecturing, and writing articles for various railroad historical society publications and other print and online publications. Along the way he amassed a remarkable collection of historic Twin Ports railroading photographs and served as research specialist for Overland Models, Inc., designing more than four hundred model trains based on prototypes of actual trains operating in Duluth-Superior. See his work at JEFF LEMKE TRAINS.

Learn more about author and Zenith City Press publisher TONY DIERCKINS HERE.

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