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Isle Royale: A Photographer’s Circumnavigation 1967–1987

Tom Haas spent 20 years kayaking along Isle Royale’s shores and smaller barrier islands and hiking its mainland, hauling along a 12-pound, large-format camera and an 8-pound tripod. Throughout that meandering circumnavigation he captured over 3,000 images of the islands’ harbors and bays, rocky shorelines, abundant flora, historic fisheries, and legacy-family cabins as well as the archipelago’s summertime residents, a mix of commercial-fishing families and the descendants of those who first visited as far back as the 1890s. Inside these pages you’ll discover 275 of those remarkable photographs, each at once an artistic expression and a document of Isle Royale’s rich cultural and natural history. Published by the photographer in 2024.

11.5 x 11.5″ | Hardcover | 240 Pages | 275 black-and-white photographs | $80 U.S.
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Slackers & Sammy Backers: The Twin Ports in the Great War

The Twin Ports faced tumultuous times just prior to Prohibition: A devastating forest fire, a flu epidemic, and labor unrest, all while working to support the Allied war effort and, beginning in 1917, sending their sons, brothers and husbands off to battle in Europe. But patriotism gave way to war hysteria and anti-immigrant sentiment, leading to the tar-and-feathering and lynching of Finnish immigrant pacifist Olli Kiukkonen, accused of being a “slacker” because he did not wish to fight in a war. Inside, author C. A. Annala walks readers through Duluth and Superior during 1917 and 1918—the years America was actively involved in fighting the first world war—telling stories of how Duluthians, Superiorites, and even those on Minnesota’s Iron Range navigated life during wartime. Published by the author in 2023.

6 x 9″ | Softcover | 192 Pages | $19.95 U.S.
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Duluth Stories: Tales of Duluth & Duluthians

Did you know that German prisoners of war worked in local lumber camps during World War Two? That the Zenith City produced four opera divas and eight classical-music composers? That no fewer than six Duluthians worked on the Manhattan Project, developing the world’s first atomic bombs? Inside these pages, retired Duluth Public Library reference librarian David Ouse tells the tales of not only accomplished Duluthians—including local women who broke down barriers by becoming the first female practitioners of traditionally male professions—but also of visits from the famous, the exploits of a couple of “human flies,” two early (and lost) motion pictures set in the Zenith City, and much more. All sales benefit the Duluth Library Foundation. Published by the author in 2023.

6 x 9″ | Softcover | 194 Pages | $17.95 U.S.
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Esko’s Corner: An Illustrated History of Esko and Thomson Township

Esko’s Corner: An Illustrated History of Esko and Thomson Township is a big book about a small place in northeastern Minnesota located seventeen miles south of Duluth along Interstate 35. Within this historical anthology—edited by legendary Esko resident Davis Helberg—you’ll discover stories about a rare geological feature, early trails and railroads, the logging days, sawmills, pioneer life, the namesake Esko family, and how a bunch of farm boys defeated the fabled Harlem Globetrotters. Voyageurs and railroad builders, surveyors and loggers, immigrant farmers, storekeepers and school teachers—they all come to life in this colorful history f the hamlet of Esko and surrounding Thomson Township. Published by the Esko Historical Society in 2013.

8 x 11″ | 400 pages | Over 150 photographs | $25 U.S
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For the Love of Learning: The College of St. Scholastica Story

Produced for the college’s centennial in 2012, For the Love of Learning gathers photos and stories about women and men of remarkable foresight, intellect and dedication. Across the generations they have committed themselves to furthering the College’s mission of providing intellectual and moral preparation for responsible living and work. Throughout these tales readers discover the stories of how the college was created, its many periods of transition and growth, its expansion as a leader in modern education, and even looks to the institution’s future. Published by the College of St. Scholastica in 2011.

9 x 10″ | 112 pages | Over 150 photographs | $39.95 U.S.
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All Her Ways

First completed by Sister Agnes Somers in 1956 and since updated, All Her Ways was originally intended for the students and friends of Duluth, Minnesota’s College and Monastery of St. Scholastica as a guidebook to the forms of beauty embodied in their history, environment, architecture and symbolism, liturgy and liturgical appointments, and aesthetic possessions—in short, to the many tangible things that justify the claims of the Monastery’s motto: “Her [St. Scholastica’s] ways are the ways of beauty, and all her paths are peace.” Published by Duluth Benedictine Books (St. Scholastica Monastery) in 2008.

9 x 10″ | 160 pages | Over 175 photographs | $20 U.S.
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Fitger’s: The Brewery and Its People

In 1948 Esko High School history teacher and legendary basketball coach Clarence “Coopen” Johnson began spending his summers working for Duluth‘s Fitger Brewing Company. Along the way he became the brewery’s de-facto historian. Decades after the brewery closed Coopen finally wrote its history, from its early 19th-century predecessors to its early success, surviving Prohibition, and into the post-Prohibition boom and post-war demise of America’s regional breweries. Published by Fitger’s Publishing in 2005.

9 x 10″ | 160 pages | Over 175 photographs | $29.95 U.S.
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Other titles include:

  • Unknown Rider (novel, Scott Anderson, 1995)
  • Return to Gold Country (nonfiction, John Gilbert, 2002)
  • Sleeping Eve (fiction, Bill Fisher, 2002)
  • Lake Effect Memories (memoir, Donna Schilling, 2007)
  • Pearls on a String (memoir, Martha Aas, 2007)
  • Growing Seasons (memoir, Kay Coventry, 2007)
  • False Targets (novel, Dan Danyluk, 2007)
  • Once Upon a Family (childrens, Angela Day, 2007)
  • Sorrow’s Child (novel, Whitney Hansen, 2009)
  • Mr. Environment: The Willard Munger Story (biography, Mark Munger, Cloquet River Press, 2010)
  • Forgotten Duluthians (biography anthology, David Ouse, 2010)
  • Varmints in my Vinegar Cup (memoir, Sister Louise Geisinger, Benedictine Books, 2009)
  • Simon Bourgin: An Odyssey That Began in Ely (biography, Ely-Winton Historical Society, 2010)
  • Spowl Ribbon (essays, Paul Lundgren, 2010)
  • Look Who’s Learning Sign (chlidrens, Angela Day, 2011)
  • Ma’s Dictionary (autobiography, Milan Kovacovic, 2011)
  • Take a Twig (poetry, Nancy Fitzgerald, 2012)
  • You Much Crazy (memoir, Bob Vilt, 2012)