Since 1994 X-Presso Books has been dedicated to helping dozens of individuals and organizations publish high-quality, custom-designed books while working one-on-one with Zenith City Press founder Tony Dierckins, three-time winner of the Northeast Minnesota Book Award and two-time finalist for the Minnesota Book Award. Dierckins has written or co-written nearly 30 books, ranging from the fun and fascinating (The Duct Tape series of books and calendars, The WD-40 Book, The Mosquito Book) to the critically acclaimed titles celebrating historic Duluth. Along the way Dierckins—also an experienced book designer—has helped dozens of others produce books, from simple paperback novels and poetry collections to complex, highly illustrated coffee-table editions. Scroll down to see the latest books X-Presso has helped publish.

Past and current clients include the Carlton County (MN) Historical Society, Cloquet River Press, the College of St. Scholastica, the Douglas County (WI) Historical Society, the Ely-Winton (MN) Historical Society, the Esko (MN) Historical Society, Glensheen Historic Estate, the Monastery of St. Scholastica, the Ordean Foundation (Duluth, MN), and Superior (WI) Public Museums.

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Professional Custom Design

X-Presso Books approaches every publishing project as a custom product, and our goal is to make sure your book looks as professionally produced as those coming out of publishing houses in New York, London, and Paris. We do not use computer algorithms employed by online publishing services, which limit your design choices and produce books with a cookie-cutter approach. From the cover to each page of the interior, we consider it our responsibility to put as much care into your book’s design and layout as you did writing and/or illustrating it.

Editorial Professionals

X-Presso Books has developed working relationships with a pool of excellent and experienced freelance copy editors and proofreaders over the decades and will coordinate with them at your request.

Print Brokering/Buying

X-Presso Books works with a variety of printers in the U.S. and will work to find you not simply the least expensive printer, but the best printer for your particular job—and at your request we will do our most to find you a printer in your state or perhaps even your city.

Publishing Industry Navigation

X-Presso Books navigates the publishing world for you, helping you obtain a Library of Congress Control Number, International Standard Book Number (ISBN), a UPC barcode to facilitate retail sales, Copyright of your work, and more.

Publishing Consultation

X-Presson Books offers advice concerning the production and sales of your book based on nearly 40 years of experience with distribution, book storage, sales, marketing, editorial work, design, and myriad other aspects of this ever-changing publishing industry.

What We Don’t Do

X-Presso Books does not market, store, distribute, sell, own, nor claim any rights to your book. We earn our pay helping you publish your book. Once you have the books in hand, they are all yours—as is the money you make from selling them.

Get Started Today!

Email X-Presso Books here and describe your book project. We’ll reply within a day and set up a meeting either in person (if you live near Duluth, Minnesota) or over the internet. We charge $75 for this initial one- to two-hour consultation, and if you decide hire X-Presso Books, that fee is waived.