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Glensheen Bundle

Glensheen Bundle

The Quintessential Glensheen Collection

Buy all three of our Glensheen-related books and save more than 25% off retail

Tour Glensheen from the comfort of your home, take a trip back in time, and get the full story of the tragic murders that took place at the estate in 1977. Glensheen: The Official Guide to Duluth’s Historic Congdon Estate takes readers through the mansion floor by floor and room by room and out to the estate grounds, carriage house, and more. Historic Glensheen captures the estate under construction and how it looked in its first 25 years, including interior photos of nearly every room in the House.  Will to Murder chronicles the 1977 tragedy and follows Marjorie Congdon Caldwell Hagen through the murder trials, her career as an arsonist, her time in prison, and how she may have gotten away with murder—five times. Separately they retail for a total of $70, but order them together and they are yours for $50—more than 25% off.

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