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Duluth History Bundle

Duluth History Bundle

Essential Reading for Fans of the Zenith City's Remarkable History

Buy four of our Duluth history books and save more than 25% off retail

Save 25% when you purchase all four of our illustrated, coffee-table sized history books celebrating historic Duluth: Duluth‘s Aerial Bridge (and the Canal It Crosses) covers the entire history of Duluth‘s iconic bridge; Duluth‘s Historic Architecture 1879–1940 features 450 historic photos and sketches illustrating the histories of over 300 structures, both lost and existing. Duluth’s Historic Parks: Their First 160 Years (winner of the 2018 Northeast Minnesota Book Award) explores the creation, deterioration, and ongoing renovation of perhaps the nation’s largest and most complex urban park system; and Naturally Brewed, Naturally Better: The Historic Breweries of Duluth & Superior tells the tales of brewing beer in the Twin Ports from 1859 through today’s craft brewers. Separately they retail for a total of $130, but order them together and they are yours for $100—more than 25% off.

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