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The Interstate Bridge spanning a grassy field?

The Interstate Bridge spanning a grassy field?

This Month's Postcard Perspective of the Past

The postcards above were both made from the same photographic negative, so why is the bridge spanning water in the top card and grass in the bottom? Language barriers, likely. From 1905 to 1915, when the bottom card was made, nearly all postcards were manufactured in Germany, where the best lithographic presses were found. Often… Continue Reading

A pile of dredged sand becomes a tourist destination

Captain Barker’s Island, part 2

More of a Train than a Boat

The Incan Superior

Early 70s Street Scenes, the history of interior design, and tours of Morgan Park and Duluth’s “Dark Side”

History-related events in Duluth for the next two weeks

Duluth’s Original South Pier Light

This Month's Lost Landmark Photograph

Go West End Young Man

This Month's Memory from Jim Heffernan

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A Superior pioneer and father of a presidential hopeful

Zenith Machine

This Month's Ghost Sign Photograph

Thornton’s Kiddieland

Decades of joy at Duluth's Zoo end in tragedy

Musician Dave Kahn

This Month's Forgotten Duluthian

St. Clement’s Catholic Church

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