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Feature: Rest in Peace
Rock of Ages Light Station

Rock of Ages Light Station

November’s Lake Superior Lighthouse

Location: 3.5 miles west of Isle Royale, Michigan Year Built: 1908-1910 Cost: $100,000, authorized by Congress between 1897 and 1906 (about $2.6 million today) Original Lens: Third-Order Fresnel (temporary) First Exhibited: October 22, 1908 Second Lens: Second Order Fresnel (first lit September 15, 1910) Third Lens: Solar-powered 12-inch Tideland signals 300 mm acrylic optic (1985)… Continue Reading

Moving Limestone via Missabe Junction

Missabe Junction: Part 4

Free Presentation at Glensheen tonight

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1888 Duluth Bethel

November’s Past & Present Pic

Fake Deer at the Fairmount Zoo?

November’s Postcard Perspective of the Past

New Life for St. Peter’s Church

A new owner means church could become Duluth landmark

Hotel Florman

November’s Ghost Sign

Learn about Duluth’s Brownstone Quarries & Buildings

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Minnesota Point—Duluth’s Summer Resort

Part 2: Basking on the Beach

Hungry Heart in Shadow Groping

The Last Legal Hanging in St. Louis County

The 1885 Board of Trade

November’s Selection from Our 19th-Century Sketchbook