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Duluth’s Ann Colby Albright

Duluth’s Ann Colby Albright

Bringing the People Together Through Music

Perhaps the greatest purpose of Duluth’s Homegrown Music Festival is to bring the community together through the power of music. In the first half of the twentieth century, community musical gatherings were dominated by two art forms: orchestra and choral singing. And of all the choral directors in town at the time, there was one… Continue Reading

Prescott’s Lost West Duluth Legacy

Marinette Iron Work & a Grand Victorian Mansion

Mundt & Associates

This Month's Ghost Sign

Explore the NorShor!

Our Friends at Substreet.org take you inside, and down below, Duluth's NorShor Theatre and Temple Opera Block

Superior’s “Old Stockade”

Built for an uprising that never happened

Rumble on the River

Walter Whitehead’s Last Fight

The Passage Island Light

This Month's Lake Superior Lighthouse

Save the Date!

Book Launch/Author Receptions set at Two Famous Minnesota Mansions

The Zenith City’s Public Squares

19th-Century Parks in Today's Duluth

Team Tracks of the Twin Ports

This Month's Twin Ports Rail History

The Auditorium, aka “Hemlock Garage”

This Month's Lost Landmark Photograph